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Blue Mountain Farming Area

Valid for Patch: 1.3

There is a nightmare farming area in Blue Mountain located at the Quarry around 600,500. The nearest anima well is the Wabanaki Sacred Site.

Mobs there are immune to hinder and impair effects, and have a Nightmare buff so that when they have 30% health remaining, they gain Might of the Draugr, which increases damage dealt by 50% until the end of combat.

Ellri Lord (18k HP) – Can pull single, patrols around
Ellri Cleaver (18k HP) – Can pull singles
Ellri Destroyer (16k HP) – Can pull singles
Ellri Seaweaver (13k HP) – Can pull singles
Ellri Ritualist (14k HP) – Paired with 2 Ellri Ritual Guards
Ellri Ritual Guard (16k HP) – 2 paired with 1 Ellri Ritualist
Infected Contaminator (14k HP) – Can pull singles, become active after Ellri Seaweaver is dead
Draugslave (14k HP) – Social

These mobs have a chance to drop gear, currency, runes, toolkits, sequins, and signets.