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Savage Coast Lair

Valid for Patch: 1.4

The lair in Savage Coast is located at the Overlooked around 780,700. The nearest anima well is The Lowland (new in 1.2) or The Fairgrounds. The quests Nobel Calling and The Cover-Up can be obtained from the Empty Crate and the quest Sinking Feelings can be obtained from the Dead Filthy Bird located at 642,794.

Mobs there are immune to hinder and impair effects, have a Triggers buff that causes their penetrating hits to apply stacks of Filth Surge (3 stacks causes a Filth Discharge DoT) and their blocked attacks to remove a stack, and a Lair buff with increased block chance.

Filthiopath (71k HP) – Can pull singles, patrol around
Filthy Regression (71k HP) – Can pull singles, will pull you in
Slur (48k HP) – Often paired with packs
Obscenity (7.9k HP) – Pack mobs
Filth-Changed (7.9 HP) – Pack mobs

These mobs have a chance to drop gear, currency, runes, toolkits, sequins, signets (head/weapon, major and minor), and lair boss blueprint pieces.