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Kingsmouth Lair Bosses

Valid for Patch: 1.3

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Kingsmouth has 3 lair bosses: Head of Glamr, Cta-Tha, and Wreathmother. The summoning circles are located at 865,968, 753,957 and 971,865.


Head of Glamr (325k HP) – Has a large AoE and a Rogue Wave chain lightning ability that will gain range with an unpurgeable buff, heals on glancing hits, immune to impair and hinder effects, has increased penetration chance

Summoning Ritual Fragments Head of Glamr Head of Glamr
Gamma 09Gamma 09 Phi 03Phi 03 Gamma 05Gamma 05
Alpha 03Alpha 03 Xi 04Xi 04 Theta 09Theta 09
Lambda 01Lambda 01 Gamma 01Gamma 01 Phi 07Phi 07
Assembled Summoning RitualAssembled Summoning Ritual



Cta-Tha (325k HP) – Has Tainted Brine poisonous AoE that cannot be interrupted, high defense rating, and glancing hits give stacks of Call of the Huskarl buff which cause him to summon allies (Keelhauled, 4.7k HP each)

Summoning Ritual Fragments Cta-Tha Cta-Tha
Theta 04Theta 04 Kappa 09Kappa 09 Psi 08Psi 08
Chi 01Chi 01 Epsilon 05Epsilon 05 Eta 05Eta 05
Xi 03Xi 03 Zeta 08Zeta 08 Beta 06Beta 06
Assembled Summoning RitualAssembled Summoning Ritual



Wreathmother (266k HP) – Has a Red Sea buff which causes her to self heal at end of countdown, critical hits reset the countdown, has an Empty the Cauldron frontal AoE with a significant DoT

Summoning Ritual Fragments Wreathmother Wreathmother
Lambda 03Lambda 03 Pi 04Pi 04 Upsilon 04Upsilon 04
Rho 07Rho 07 Tau 05Tau 05 Xi 05Xi 05
Rho 01Rho 01 Tau 06Tau 06 Omicron 07Omicron 07
Assembled Summoning RitualAssembled Summoning Ritual