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Kingsmouth Lair

Valid for Patch: 1.4

The lair in Kingsmouth is located at Duma Beach around 900,700.  The nearest anima well is Kingsmouth Municipal Airport. The quests Coralations, Unto the Beach and The Last Strand can be obtained from Mound of Red Seaweed at 884,862.

Mobs there are immune to hinder and impair effects, have a Triggers buff that causes glancing hits to heal them, and a Lair buff with increased defense rating.

Helrisen Leidanger (52k HP) – Can pull singles
Helrisen Hird (52k HP) – Can pull singles
Helrisen Volva (48k HP) – Can pull singles
Helrisen Seidkona (43k HP) – Can pull singles
Keelhauled (48k HP) – Can pull singles, may be lying inert until you approach

These mobs have a chance to drop gear, currency, runes, toolkits, sequins, signets (head/weapon, major and minor), and lair boss blueprint pieces.