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Master Farming Area Listing

Valid for Patch: 1.1

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Zone Area Approximate Coordinates Nearest Anima Well
Kingsmouth Near Journey's End 850,180 Journey's End
Kingsmouth South of Airport 885,650 Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
Savage Coast Near Suicide Bluffs 550,190 The Fairgrounds
Blue Mountain The Quarrry 600,500 Wabanaki Sacred Site
Scorched Desert Sol Glorificus 170,650 Forsaken Oasis
City of the Sun God The Reformatory 500,620 Vulture's Pass
Besieged Farmlands Abandoned Farm 561,1028 Red Hand Observatory or The Perch
Besieged Farmlands Mara's Field 254,703 The Perch
Besieged Farmlands Saint Haralambie 850,1250 Saint Haralambie
Besieged Farmlands Valley of the Wolf 646,470 Hollander's Mill
Shadowy Forest Chapel of the Prince 790,590 Mirewood or Hell's Pass
Shadowy Forest Hell's Row 540,421 Hell's Pass
Shadowy Forest Mirewood 910,460 Mirewood
Carpathian Fangs Monastery of the First Mother 1112,290 Repentence Cavern
Carpathian Fangs Red Hand Compound 940,730 Repentence Cavern
Carpathian Fangs Roman Baths 720,360 Zana Springs
Carpathian Fangs Zana Springs 770,530 Zana Springs