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Master Lair Listing

Valid for Patch: 1.2

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Zone Area Approximate Coordinates Nearest Anima Well
Kingsmouth Duma Beach 900,750 Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
Savage Coast The Overlooked 780,700 The Lowland or
The Fairgrounds
Blue Mountain The Casino Pits 300,810 Agartha Entrance
Scorched Desert The Summits 350,1130 The Summits or
Orochi Retreat
City of the Sun God The Blighted Kingdom 470,320 The Juncture
Besieged Farmlands The Dread Retreat 1208,310 Hermit's Crossing
Shadowy Forest Spoiled Garden 1100,460 Spoiled Garden or Mirewood
Carpathian Fangs The Motherlands 1140,1050 Chasm Entrance or
Slaughterhouse Entrance