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Scorched Desert Lair

Valid for Patch: 1.4

The lair in Scorched Desert is located at the Summits around 350,1130. The nearest anima well is The Summits (new in 1.2) or the Orochi Retreat. The quests Return of the Red Nights, Blood Garments and Up In Smoke can be obtained from the Sacrificed Villager located at 541,1072.

Mobs there are immune to hinder effects, have an Empowerment buff that increases their damage dealt by 50%, and a Triggers buff so that when it is impaired, it and its allies temporarily lose their Empowerment.

Red Desert Weakener (48k HP) – Can pull singles, patrols (inside House of Glory)
Red Desert Thresher (48k HP) – Can pull singles (inside House of Glory)
Chosen (24k HP) – Patrols, paired with 2 Red Desert Nymphs
Red Desert Nymph (12k HP) – Patrols, 2 paired with 1 Chosen
Red Desert Swarm (12k HP) – Pack mobs, may be paired with Frenzied Throngs
Frenzied Throng (9.5k HP) – Pack mobs

These mobs have a chance to drop gear, currency, runes, toolkits, sequins, signets (head/weapon, major and minor), and lair boss blueprint pieces.