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Crafting Talismans

Valid for Patch: 1.5

Crafting talismans require a Talisman Toolkit and different materials based on the role:
Tanking talismans (high health) require 10 Water of the appropriate quality. 
DPS talismans (attack) require 10 Fire of the appropriate quality.
Healer talismans (healing) require 10 Dust of the appropriate quality.

The assembly pattern depends on the type of talisman:

Head Talisman - Pattern

Major Talismans

Finger Talisman - Pattern Neck Talisman - Pattern Wrist Talisman - Pattern

Minor Talismans

Luck Talisman - Pattern Waist Talisman - Pattern Occult Talisman - Pattern


For information on upgrading and customizing endgame talismans, see Endgame Gear Guide.