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How to Craft

Valid for Patch: 1.5

Disassembling Items

All items disassemble into crafting materials of a lower quality then what is required to craft them.

To disassemble items, press Y to bring up the Assembly window, drag the item to the Item slot and click Disassemble. The resulting crafting materials will be in the upper portion of the Assembly window in particular positions (which correspond to the material types and positions required to craft the item).

Items break down in tiers:

Quality Level
Disassembles to
Material Level
QL1 - QL3 Base
QL4 - QL6 Imperfect
QL7 - QL9 Normal
QL10 Sacred

In addition, their is a Pure material level, but this can only be acquired by combining materials.

Materials themselves can also be disassembled into 4 lower level materials (ex: 1 sacred material can be disassembled into 4 normal materials).

Items are disassembled into one or more of these categories: Dust, Fire, Water, Metal and Runes (9 different types of runes).


Combining Materials

All disassembled materials can be combined to increase the level, so:

5 base materials combine to 1 imperfect material
5 imperfect materials combine to 1 normal material
5 normal materials combine to 1 sacred material
5 sacred materials combine to 1 pure


Crafting Process

To craft an item, first you need a toolkit.  There are several kinds of toolkits: Weapon Toolkits, Talisman Toolkits, Prefix Toolkits (Glyphs), Consumable Toolkits, Gadget Toolkits (Stimulants), Firework Toolkits and Casting Toolkits (Remodelling Weapons).  Each toolkit will have a QL level and a color (green, blue, purple) that indicates the level and rarity of item that can be crafted.  The toolkit is placed in the Tool slot of the Assembly window (shortcut key Y).

In addition, each item requires certain materials of an appropriate level, and they must be placed in a particular pattern in the upper portion of the Assembly window before clicking Assemble.

Quality Level
Material Level
QL1 - QL3 Imperfect
QL4 - QL6 Normal
QL7 - QL9 Sacred
QL10 Pure

To craft a complete weapon or talisman, first you need to assemble the item itself with a weapon or talisman toolkit.  Then you assemble a glyph (prefix toolkit) and/or obtain a signet (suffix) for the item.  Finally, you place the item and the signet and/or glyph in the Assemble window and click Assemble to add the final stats to the item.  Attaching a glyph to an existing weapon that already has one will simply overwrite the previous glyph.