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Storm Legion Porticulum Locations

Valid for Patch: 2.2

Porticulums are used to teleport quickly between zones. The following porticulum locations are available in Tempest Bay, Brevane and Dusken for use by both Defiants and Guardians:

Tempest Bay

Tempest Bay Porticulum

Zone Location Approx Coordinates
Tempest Bay Tempest Bay 12974,11590

In order to get to this city the first time you will need to speak to either Captain Lok Okupilo at the docks in Tulan in Cape Jule (8432,12113) or Artifex Abaton at the Tuldio Retreat in Pelladane (7181,5504).


Zone Location Approx Coordinates
Ashora Valley of Iron 2199,6933
Nurjak Vostra 3584,8160
Builder's Causeway 4866,7352
Kingsward The Academy 4688,8518
Academy Grounds 5508,8264
Tower of Dawn 5872,8718
The Armory 6778,8060
Ardent Domain Soros Estate 5134,9613
Turnis River Bunker 5656,9430
Cassana Estate 5932,10056
City Core Citizen's Library 7092,8818
Vaud Tower 6712,10030
Miran Gate 7080,10154
Eastern Holdings Ursin Grove Bunker 7836,7877
Strozza Estate 8786,7698
Southwall Bunker 8059,8801
Western Commons 8822,8531
Cape Jule Tulan 8218,11822
Daemon Loci 6941,12109
Sanco Outpost 7562,11086

Brevane Porticulums


Zone Location Approx Coordinates
Steppes of Infinity Zerzala 15657,7092
Camp Skyburst 15355,8260
Vengeful Sky 16167,6357
Infinity Gate 17131,7041
Morban Camp Landfall 13170,5567
Arlan's Challenge 14282,5988
Camp Cyclone 13906,6932
Black Strand 13218,7419
Seratos Necropolis 10911,4917
The Hollow 10842,4047
The Crawl 9738,4125
Darkrun Wreckage 8921,4227
Nug Village 10972,3403
The Pus Swamp 11460,5520
The Eternal Assault 9876,4946
Kingdom of Pelladane Fort Mazamar 8124,4798
Tuldio Retreat 7198,5545
Ferric Harbor 8184,5929

Dusken Porticulums

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